A New Era in Oncology

NuCana is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on significantly improving survival outcomes for patients with cancer. We use our proprietary ProTide™ technology to transform some of the most widely prescribed chemotherapy agents, nucleoside analogs, into more effective and safer medicines.

Our highly experienced management team has a successful track record of building global, integrated biopharmaceutical companies and bringing life-saving oncology therapeutics to patients.

Our Values

MISSION: To Transform Chemotherapy and Pioneer a New Era in Oncology

"Utilising our proprietary ProTide technology platform we are developing new medicines designed to overcome key cancer resistance mechanisms and improve the survival outcomes for patients."

Hugh S. Griffith

Founder & CEO
Hugh Griffith


Our lead product candidate is designed to overcome the key cancer resistance mechanisms associated with gemcitabine. Currently in Phase I, II and III studies.


Our second ProTide is designed to overcome the key cancer resistance mechanisms associated with 5-FU. Currently in a Phase I study in patients with advanced solid tumours.


A ProTide transformation of cordycepin, a novel nucleoside analog with a unique mode of action and potent anti-cancer activity in preclinical studies. Initiating a Phase I study in 2018.


NuCana's ProTide technology is a powerful platform generating new anti-cancer medicines designed to overcome the key cancer resistance mechanisms.


We take a scientifically driven approach to designing our ProTides to address some of the most significant unmet medical needs in oncology.


NuCana Reports Preliminary Data from Phase II Study of Single-Agent Acelarin in Patients with Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer


Meet Our Executive Team

Hugh Griffith

Hugh Griffith

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Wood

Christopher Wood

Chief Medical Officer

San Francisco

Don Munoz

Chief Financial Officer

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Boston: Mar 2020

NuCana Presented at the Cowen and Company 40th Annual Health Care Conference

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020

Global Headquarters

3 Lochside Way
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United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)131 357 1111

E-mail: info@nucana.com

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